Mid-August Update

Hi everyone 🐱

Cameron here to give you all the inside scoop as to where the felines are in terms of  reading, writing reviews, and such. As August heads towards a close and the summer months change into fall, we are shifting from what was once bearable heat into what will soon be fall dryness and even more heat. ~Sigh~ Still, this will not prevent us from bring to you entertaining and insightful posts! The girls have a lot of books set aside for the months ahead, so there’s bound to be something which appeals to everyone! There’s even talk of doing a special Halloween/Horror theme for October.

So let’s look at the felines, shall we?

Back in July, Sara had said that she would be reading four ARC’s this month. At this time, she still intends to do that, but because three of the books do not come out until November, we feel that it is best to hold off on posting the actual reviews until sometime towards the end of September so as not to upset the publishers. We very much want to stay on their good sides! So yes, Sara will still be reading Legend by Marie Lu, Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts, and Wolf Springs Chronicles: Unleashed by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie, but you will have to wait until later for the actual reviews (that is unless the publishers give us the go ahead and I shall be sending out inquires later this week to find out ). Meanwhile, she recently finished Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton and shall be posting her review of it shortly. Look for it no later than tomorrow night!

Willow is still diligently pawing her way through Lilian Jackson Braun’s Cat Who novels and thus continues to keep out of mischief, for the most part. I could have done without the impromptu haircut she felt I needed this past weekend. Anyways, she recently got her mitts on Thea Harrison’s Dragon Bound and Storm’s Heart, both of which she will be reading soon and posting reviews for sometime in the next few weeks.

And in a surprise announcement, though she said she was going to wait until next month to start her reading, Buggy has agreed to read and write a review for The Devil’s Queen: A Novel of Catherine de Medici by Jeanne Kalogridis! Had I known when I picked this book up from the library for my own personal enjoyment that she would pounce upon it and stash it away for her eyes alone, I’d have kept it in the bag I brought it home in. I had actually been looking forward to reading it myself but now I have to wait until she’s done. ~shakes head~

As for me, well, I’ll be writing up my experience meeting Kirsten Imani Kasai at her Official Book Party for Tattoo, the sequel to Ice Song, at The Grove Books here in San Diego. Please look for that post no later than tomorrow night as well!

In other news, “What the Cat Read” now has an official fan page on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/What-the-Cat-Read/165861060157577  Come join the girls as they share snippets of their daily lives with folks and other things that they find interesting. We also officially have our own logo designed by the brilliant and charming Lisa Little (http://www.facebook.com/lisalittleart). Please stop by her page and show her some love! And look for a review spotlighting her artwork in the weeks ahead as well!

Beyond that, everyone is still busily trying to put the finishing touches on the blog, the fan site, and the twitter account. We apologize in advance should there be any sudden halt in access to any of these sites. ~looks away momentarily from the computer as three voices demand attention all at once~ Alright, the cats have just informed me that under no uncertain terms should there ever be a problem with any of their sites or else they will see to it that my most beloved boots will become their next litter pan. Gulp!!

And on that note, I think that pretty much brings you all up to speed on the goings on here at What the Cat Read central.

Purr and tail waves to all you lovely readers! And love to all the fellow felines out there as well!


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