WillowWisp (aka Willow)

Reads Mysteries & Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

Sara (aka Sarabear)

Reads Young Adult & Science Fiction/Fantasy

Cameron Yeager

Reads what the cats read!


WillowWisp (aka Willow)

I’m a Silver Tabby-Siamese mix and yes my eyes are crossed. Gotta problem with that? I love getting into mischief. If a door is closed, I want to know what is on the other side. If my humans are late in feeding me, I have no problems making my displeasure known by knocking things off shelves or smacking their face with my tail. In fact, my antics over the years earned me the nickname of “Cross-eyed Demon Child” and I proudly live up to it daily. My favorite books to read are Mysteries and anything having to do with the Paranormal. Some of my favorite authors include Lilian Jackson Braun, Carole Nelson Douglas, Madelyn Alt, and Patricia Briggs.

Sara (aka Sarabear)

Murrr! I always say that when I’m happy. And since I’m always happy, I say it all the time. Murrr! When I was younger, a wild animal viciously attacked me and as a result, I have difficulty seeing out of my right eye. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying my life to the fullest. Every day I play chase with my cousin Inari around the house, and though it upsets the two old biddies, I don’t care. I’m having fun! My favorite game to play with my human is “Spin the Kitty” and boy do I get dizzy. Murrr! Favorite authors include Seanan McGuire, Anne McCaffrey, J. K. Rowling, and Piers Anthony.

Cameron Yeager

I’m just the human can-opener with legs. Okay, so that’s not entirely true, but as far as the cats are concerned that’s what really matters. And since they are the ones in charge, I do what they say.

  1. Hello puddycats!

    I’ve had a look through your blog and think its great. I was wondering if you would consider my book for a review.

    With kind regards

    Alex May

    Book Title: Elemental: The First

    Publisher: Pauma Publishing

    Author: Alexandra May

    Genre: Young Adult Urban Science Fiction Fantasy

  2. See my cats really only read Historical non-fiction and I told them they need to lighten up a bit.

    I love this concept it’s witty and fun and as an almost self proclaimed “cat lady” I would wonder if maybe some day the meow squad can take a gander at my work? I wrote a Paranormal Romance. I’ll let you mull it over before I throw the details on ya. :) Thank you for making me smile today!

    • Our human, Cameron, made it her mission to make sure we were educated felines. She’s a big supporter of literacy in cats. =^-^=

      We’d be more than happy to read/review your book, but at the present moment we wouldn’t be able to get to it until May. Cameron overbooked us for April, ~glares with ears flat back~ and we are frantically trying to make sure everything gets done. Last time we let her do scheduling!

      Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. Purrs to you!

      • I am a very patient woman so I will be more than hapy to wait until May, I just appreciate the chance! Thank you so much! Please let me know when I can send my work to you and what format. I’ll await your reply. Again, love what you’re doing! :)

  3. haha i know what the whole cat thing is like.

    I think you would like this post (it is not mine but I read it yesterday – so not a self promoter)

    Nice blog :)

  4. Hi! I love reading your blog so, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. For more information, here is my post- :)

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